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MTK Scotland is Scotland’s biggest boxing gym, with x2 competition sized boxing rings and more than 50 punch bags.  MTK Scotland was previously known as the SK Boxing Gym and in 2015 rebranded as MTK Scotland, having twinned with the world famous MTK Marbella.  The relationship between the MTK Scotland and MTK Marbella gyms stems from Sam Kynoch (founder of the SK Boxing Gym) taking a team of boxers over to the Marbella gym for a training camp.  The Scottish boxers were the first team to undertake a camp at the Marbella gym.  Following subsequent trips a deal was struck which saw the Scottish and Spanish gyms join forces.  MTK Promotions Scotland was also formed – a professional boxing events company, based in the MTK Scotland Gym, which promotes regular boxing events in Scotland.

New Gym Timetable
Class Descriptions
Open Training
During our open training sessions gym users can undertake their own workouts and make use of all of the gym equipment.  A coach is always on hand to offer guidance and help.
Kids’ Class
Our kids’ classes are open to kids from age 5 upwards.  Teenagers with no boxing experience should start out at our kids’ classes and may in due course be advised to participate in All Levels Classes.  Kids undertake everything from skipping, circuit training and shadow boxing; to bag and pad work with our coaching team.
All Levels Boxing
Our all levels classes are open to everyone – from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.  We have several different coaches who take our all levels classes so no two classes are the same.  Classes will involve: skipping, bag work, pad work and other boxing specific exercises.
Circuits and Strength & Conditioning
Our circuits and strength & conditioning sessions do not involve any boxing.  Classes vary from class to class and week to week in order to ensure variety for class participants.  These sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness.
Parent & Child Class
At our parent and child classes parents get the opportunity to train alongside their kids.  As well as being a great way for parents to spend time with their kids, the classes are both good fun and hard work.  Classes involve skipping, bag work, practicing boxing drills in pairs and pad work.
Our sparring sessions are suitable for those with experience.  If you are unsure as to whether you would be able to participate in a sparring class please attend an All Levels Boxing class and speak with one of our coaches.  All sparring is controlled and monitored by coaches.  Other clubs are welcome to come along for sparring, but notice must be provided so we can ensure that we will have suitable sparring partners in the gym.
Ladies Boxing Fitness
Our ladies class is open to females only.  Classes will involve: skipping, bag work, pad work and other boxing specific exercises.  We have female instructors for the Thursday class and a male coach for the Sunday class.  Ladies are of course very welcome to also attend any of the other sessions which take place at the gym.
 14018155_10153978077614037_1428131576_nADDITIONAL CLASSES
We are delighted to offer the following classes in addition to those listed on our timetable.
Monday 7:30-8pm
Pads Class (pad work with our experienced coaches)
Wednesday 7-7:30pm
Pads Class (pad work with our experienced coaches)
Thursday 8-8:30pm
Express 30-min circuit class
Saturday 11:30am-12pm
Pads Class (pad work with our experienced coaches)
Pads Class – £5
Express Circuits – £3
Any Class + Pads Class – £8
Express circuits + Any Class – £7

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